Like not every baker is a cake specialist, not every marriage planner is an authentic Indian wedding planner.

Studios rama is an India based wedding planning company who completely understands Indian culture rituals and truest essence of Indian wedding. That drum beats, scrumptious food, astounding ethnic backdrops, sparkling lighting and a real Indian ambience is not a child's play but we do it with complete perfection. Just dig in our website pages to explore our previous work and our stringent work ethics that drive us deliver only the best.

At 'Studios Rama', we love dropping jaws! Thank God, it's just a phrase! But with our team's fresh ideas & 'beyond the obvious' outlook, the phrase comes alive at every event. We don't look at things as defined, we look beyond. For us an event is not just a observable experience but it is about joy, about delivering and feeling the magic. And this is where our team knocks in. Ours is a team that would handle anything which comes through the door. At times we find ourselves scratching our heads to figure out if it's our luck or shear hard wor, that things end up so perfect. But we believe it is the later that makes us walk tall, we work hard, push boundaries, search new routes, bleed, burn, sweat, walk length and breadth to get that perfect occasion for you on ground.